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Virtually every coin that is offered at the exchange has historical data for backtesting available as long as supports the exchange you trade on. Gunbot provides 20 various ways to execute orders, and you can combine any of them to create unique trading strategies. For instance, you could configure Gunbot to buy an asset at a percentage from the lower Bollinger Band and sell it using the trailing stop/stop-loss method.

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Use the node fs module to get access to the file system. The example code below can be used as a simple pattern to create your own log files. Usage is similar to placing custom chart lines, the data is set by storing it as an array of objects in the pair ledger.

Privacy friendly trading automation tool. Works on Windows, Linux and macOS. API secrets stay on your own device. Use…

The Bollinger Bands are indicators that indicate relatively low and high prices. The strategy allows you to set the distances from the low and high Bollinger Bands where you want the bot to buy or sell. Step one is to create your custom strategy file and have it saved in the ./customStrategies folder. You can do this using the built in code editor in the Gunbot interface, or by using your preferred code editor software. The steps below show how to actually run the strategy file. GUNBOT doesn’t offer a free demo mode or any way to try out the platform before buying.

To use a strategy, a trader must select one of ETC the available crypto pairs and apply a preset or configure custom strategies with parameters to define how the bot will operate. Once the trading criteria have been configured, the bot will enter trades across multiple exchanges within these parameters on the chosen crypto pair (e.g. BTC/USD). Using the trading bot, investors can trade without opening multiple tabs or switching between different exchanges, unlike manual trading which can be time-consuming.

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You will not be required to make any gunbot trading strategiesitional deposits to receive full access to the trading platform and place your first trade. You can use your Mastercard, Maestro, or Visa to make a deposit. You can increase your investments once you’ve mastered the platform and can trade effectively.

  • To keep the trading behavior in check, use the “force step size” option using the stepGrid strategy.
  • From their phone, traders may effortlessly keep an eye on every Ultimate instance.
  • Optimize buy, sell and take profit , stop loss, trailing stop-loss, and stop-loss parameters to optimize your strategy.
  • The strategy allows you to set the distances from the low and high Bollinger Bands where you want the bot to buy or sell.
  • A unique strategy is merely straightforward JavaScript.

Santa, Shrimpy, and Cryptohopper are all popular choices. You can try a demo version of Gunbot before you decide on a plan. Prices are quoted in BTC, which is refreshing – one day all goods and services will be. The price is a one-off lifetime license payment with no recurring costs. This could constitute great value in the long term, but you need to be sure before you commit.

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Gunbot is an ideal platform for crypto traders that want to automate aspects of their trading using built-in algorithms and bots. The platform integrates with 100+ exchanges, including industry giants like Binance and Coinbase Pro. Its pre-made bots, signals, and technical indicators are perfect for analysis the market and using automated strategies.

Gunbot supports over 20 crypto exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, BitMEX, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, Huobi, and FTX. Screenshot of the Gunbot trading platform with bots active. In uptrending markets, the strategy really shines and becomes very active. If it’s in “grid” mode, expect the strategy to trade any time it hits a step up or down. Grid refers to the fact that this strategy mostly trades in grid mode, placing buy and sell targets around each last order price.

Although, since the platform installed a client on the users’ PC, it does not have access to users’ funds or information. To link Gunbot to their exchange account, investors only need to enter their API key and secret. The API secret, however, is kept on the investor’s device for security reasons.

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Always make sure to have the short pair before the long trading pair. Long periods of sideways trading are the main enemy of this strategy because there is a risk of accumulating too much around similar prices. The strategy uses the same order triggers as stepGrid does on spot markets but differently. Be aware that manual trading on the same account with the same base currency can lead your strategy to behave unusually. You can set Buy and Sell “enable” or “disable” in the pair override section, and if you enable “Watch Mode,” the bot won’t buy or sell. The bot will not place buy orders when there is no balance left to sell when this setting is enabled.

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Your bots will be up and running within minutes, with 99.9% uptime. Axion script was created to allow you to create complicated automated trading algorithms and indicators. Axion script allows you to set dynamic entry points, stop losses, and take profit targets. Each bot you run with Axion is able to run any coin on any exchange supported by Axion without restrictions or limitations. The Market Place is the best place for free and paid trading strategies. Tools for crypto traders to maximize profits and minimize risk, limit losses across multiple exchanges and more.


Normally when a trade happens gunbot gets in and out in a few minutes. The settings for buy and sell are very tight to avoid getting stuck in a position. For those that want to try using crypto bots with a free plan, alternatives to Gunbot include Bitsgap and TradeSanta. First, go to the Trading Settings page and select the new strategy. Then, adjust your investment limits to fit your preferences.

The Ledger Nano X hardware wallet does a lot more than just store, send, and receive crypto. It combines many cool features in a secure manner and in a way that even a newbie could use effectively. A list of the world’s most prominent people in the Bitcoin and crypto space. We have reviewed the industry’s top NFT marketplaces for you to pick the ones that fit you best whether you are an artist or a collector. If you are in search of interactive tools to make passive income with crypto, staking pools have got them all. We’ve filtered out a list of top digital wallets in terms of security, user experience, and cost.

Our simple and easy-to-use bot for crypto trading will make it much more enjoyable. You can have multiple bots ready to trade for you using either our proven strategies or your own strategy in minutes. Trading cryptocurrency is much more difficult than it seems. To be successful, you will need years of experience and thousands to ‘test’ your trading strategies. EazyBot includes pre-set trading strategies that have been validated by professional traders. Pre-set trading strategies have been proven consistent regardless of whether the market is up or down.

What is 5 3 1 trading strategy?

The numbers five, three, and one stand for: Five currency pairs to learn and trade. Three strategies to become an expert on and use with your trades. One time to trade, the same time every day.

The app is real, giving users access to trade with premade strategies and allowing users to share strategies with others. The entry plan is 0.0005BTC ($9.99) and includes spot trading for one exchange, one trading pair, one strategy , and access to the Telegram community. The next add-on is for backtesting through TradingView. As long as TradingView supports the exchange your trade on, you can backtest almost all strategy parameters available on Gunbot. Another important feature to note is that Gunbot supports a wide range of timeframes and select methods even allow for pyramid buying.

  • Automate your crypto portfolio growth with powerful crypto trading bots that don’t require any coding or trading skills.
  • Because external modules can be used, be extremely careful when running strategy code you did not write yourself.
  • You don’t need any other settings for the StepGrid strategy.
  • In addition, investors can evaluate the performance of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs on the exchanges before deciding to buy or sell.
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